Changes on the horizon.

Hm. I don’t think they’re that far (as far as the horizon) away.

Speaking of away, I’ve been away. Not physically, but away from here. We had a lot of drama (health issues, work issues – my husband and I have christened 2017 The Year of Many Thingsand are quite gleefully aware that we are more than halfway through.

About one-third of the way into this year, I had to step back. Running from home to the hospital, moving, working, writing. It all became a bit… much. So, I spent some time away.

And I miss it. I miss being here.

And I’m back.

Things will be the same in the important ways, I think. but, yes, different. Frankly, work has picked up and that time has to come from somewhere. So, I’ll likely be writing here weekly instead of more often. The exception will be in October, when I’ll be doing the #Write31Days challenge again (and I’m so looking forward to that).

Homeschool, travel, field trips, life in a southern city. And books (of course). That’s what I’ll be sharing.

The new look? Well, that was a reluctant change. This is a WordPress blog, and I really, really loved my old theme. A lot. But it was outdated, and starting to have problems. The original developer no longer supports, and frankly, I don’t like coding enough to fix it. I guess, in the end, I didn’t love it that much. So here’s something quick I whipped up.

Thanks for reading. Glad to be back.