New Year and a Change for the Better.

Are you in an autoship program?
This isn’t to debate the merits of autoship, BUT to share a lesson I learned.
I *do* participate in an autoship in a company in which I am a distributor. The monthly purchase is quite small, and something we use. So, why not be able to earn a little money since I will be spending that money anyway….right? This isn’t a product that I actively market, but other people do make purchases from me, and that little trickle is nice.
Here’s the thing – with this company (like others) the autoship is a requirement to be able to draw commission. I had my autoship set a the very end of the month, not for any good reason, just that was the day of the month I originally signed up on and never changed it.

And then, one month, someone stole my credit card number. (Dagnabit). Luckily, our bank has always been really responsive and good and I was able to get the card cancelled right away.

Except DRAT it happened near the end of the month, and I forgot that I had that card set to be charged for the autoship. Yes, my company sent me an email right away, but, because I had it set for so late in the month, I was too late when I corrected the number.
Sure… we can fill in a million different “if’s” here – if I changed the number right away, if I thought of it, if I’d just used a different card, if I’d used a card for that I never use for anything else….
But I missed it… and since I didn’t catch it until after the first of the next month, I lost my commissions for that month.
Mind you, this is totally on me, not the company. They sent me a notification immediately. I just don’t read emails late in the day, and the next day was too late.
The beginning of the month for me, now.
The beginning of the month for me, now.

SO! What am I doing differently now? Based on my past experience, this whole needing-to-have-a-card-canceled thing will happen again. The simplest solution for me, right now, is to change my autoship date to the beginning of the month. That way, if I run into a payment problem for whatever reason, I’ll have plenty of time to correct it within the commission cycle.

Mind you – I know that what works for me won’t work for everyone. But, I thought I’d share in the hopes someone else will learn from my mistake.