Adulthood, or, You Need a Plan the Day You Turn 17, Young Man.

I have always been a planner. Well, by always, I mean as long as I had a notion about planning something. I remember getting myself in a bit of hot water in elementary school when I realized that two different school programs in which I participated were conflicting. I wasn’t in trouble, per se. It … Read more


 In my brainstorming, this post was originally titled: holidays/birthdays/moving/family visits/other interruptions. Interruptions are actually why we started homeschooling in the first place. Quick recap: the course and nature of my husband’s career field has meant spans of time with out-of-town travel, sometimes extended, sometimes not, often with short notice. We quickly realized when the kids started school, … Read more

Science is Everywhere

Science is a subject I feel a lot of ambivalence towards. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with science, I’m just not always comfortable finding ways to actively study it, in a structured way, with my kids. In my mind, science  – real science – is about observation, testing, and questioning – not just seeking answers to … Read more

Technology is just a tool.

People can get polarized over things that – well – don’t matter. Some parents allow their children unfettered access to electronic devices. Some are as free, except they want to limit to educational material. Or, at the very least, games the kids will learn from. Some are very strictly anti-technology. I mean, very. I’ve made suggestions that … Read more