Elacra Spiralizer

I’ve written previously about how much I love my table top spiral cutter. I’ve had the opportunity to try some of those small, hand held versions. I was really skeptical — how could that little bit of plastic stand up to my lovely spiral cutter? Well, I learned something. As soon as I started using … Read more

Quick and Easy Vegetarian Meals Cookbook Review

  I’ve shared before here my deep appreciation of meals that are delicious… but also nutritious, thrifty, and fast to prepare. I’ve been wanting to read Vegetarian, Quick & Easy: Under 15 Minutes. While we consume meat in our home, we also enjoy meat free meals. It’s always a great plan to diversify your food — there’s a wonderful … Read more

Spring Garden Planting Bonus

It’s that time of year again, when my mind and heart turn to vegetable gardening! Granted, I like to garden year round (circumstances don’t always cooperate), but for some reason, I feel really fresh in spring. I suppose it’s a matter of looking forward to the upcoming fresh meals that I *know* are local (since I watched … Read more

Working Mom Meal Ideas – Butter Beans and Potatoes

This post is part of a series of Working Mom Meal Ideas. Delicious, easy, quick to prepare, enjoyable to eat, fast clean up, and thrifty, these are all recipes we enjoy regularly as full, one-pot meals or side dishes.

Butter Beans and Potatoes

This is so easy — and so delicious — it’s almost embarassing typing a “recipe.” But it’s easy (like I said), virtually hands off, and it’s just soooo good – there are NEVER any leftovers.

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Working Mom Meal Ideas – Slow Cooker Cabbage

Most of our meals are cooked from scratch — that is, they are rarely semi-homemade. We have to balance what we enjoy eating with good nutrition and (oh yeah!) our budget. When we’re going to spend money on food made by someone else, I want it to be special – even a little (that means I want to go sit in a restaurant, have someone carry it to me, and someone else wash the dishes). Plus — at the time of this posting, four out of five of us are home for three meals a day. Working at home affords me the ability to be able to cook all those meals, but it doesn’t give me unlimited time to do so! Most days, I need meal prep to quick and simple while avoiding as much mess possible.

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