Social Media Marketing and a Modern Fairy Tale

Once there was a work-at-home, homeschooling mom. She was really good at her job. People loved her work, and loved her for it. Every day, Work-at-home-mom got up with enthusiasm. She enjoyed her work, knew it inside and out. And, she knew that there’s more to running a successful business than having a great product. There’s … Read more

10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book – Online Marketing for Any Budget by Scott Hughes

Work at home moms: if you’ve ever thought about self-publishing, you need to check out Scott Hughes’ book 10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book. Hughes is a professional book promoter and in this volume, he gives you step-by-step directions to get the same achievements he does for authors who hire him. Hughes’ book is also available … Read more

Rethink Happy

Rethink Happy: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Toward Finding Authentic Joy by Doug Kisgen is a self-help book of sorts, written in an easy to digest format of a simple fiction story. I used to pick up a lot of entrepreneur-targeted books, partly for my own interests, and partly to find titles that could be useful or … Read more

10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book

10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book – Online Marketing for Any Budget by Scott Hughes is a hidden gem in both self-publishing and self-marketing. Hughes has written a short but dense volume of information that clearly outlines the steps an author needs to follow in order to successfully – and profitably – market a … Read more

Successful Profitable Blogging

If you’re brand new to blogging — or thinking about getting started, Successful Profitable Blogging by Dana Sibilsky has potential to be a helpful starting point. I had my doubts when I first received it. It seemed so… small. As I said, I was really taken aback when I got the book. I just expected more when I get a hard copy … Read more

Tuesday Tip

Even better — remember those charities and community organizations I encouraged you to get involved with last Tuesday? Well, when you make a donation, buy an ad in their booster program. One year, the best money I spent was in the local high school football program. You do NOT have to spend like “the big dogs” … Read more