ShoeString Seeker

Shoestring Seeker is a very cool new social media channel. I know, I know… you’re thinking… Do we really need another social media channel? Aren’t we plugged in enough all ready? Well, I would say, yes, we are plugged in enough all ready, likely too much so. Which is why, just maybe we do need a channel … Read more

Fresh, fast, gourmet salad – microgreens!


Salad lover here. For years, I’ve been growing as much of our salad as I could. I started growing sprouts about nine years ago, and not long after, I began experimenting with microgreens. They’re quite trendy now (especially in restaurants), but that the time, I’d not heard of them. I came across some information in … Read more

Working from Home as an Insurance Agent

working from home as an insurance agent

This is a sponsored post. Have you ever considered working from home as an insurance agent? Many people don’t know that it’s a valid option and a great career choice! Commissioned insurance sales lets you decide how much you want to work to earn the amount of income you need, and you’re doing so while … Read more