Innovation and Marketing – How are YOU Going to Stand Out?

When it comes to network marketing, one thing that not everyone understands is that people are not really buying your products and services… they are buying YOU! It’s so vital that what are you doing helps you to stand out from the rest. The truth is, if you aren’t doing something to stand out from … Read more

When (and How) to Temper your Enthusiasm…

Look, if you hang around here any length of time, you know that I’m pretty big on enthusiasm. It’s vital. If you aren’t enthusiastic about your product (or your job or your home), something, somewhere is going to suffer. We all demonstrate our enthusiasm in different ways. I have episodes where I “run off at … Read more

Tips to Leverage Your Strongest Asset.

A lot of people who come to sales find themselves a little lost, a little unsure why all their friends and family aren’t completely taken with the high-quality product they’re offering.I’ve found the best strategy is to work from your strength. But… Do you know what your strongest asset is? It’s you! Really.(Side note: You … Read more