Social Media Marketing and a Modern Fairy Tale

Once there was a work-at-home, homeschooling mom. She was really good at her job. People loved her work, and loved her for it. Every day, Work-at-home-mom got up with enthusiasm. She enjoyed her work, knew it inside and out. And, she knew that there’s more to running a successful business than having a great product. There’s … Read more

Rethink Happy

Rethink Happy: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Toward Finding Authentic Joy by Doug Kisgen is a self-help book of sorts, written in an easy to digest format of a simple fiction story. I used to pick up a lot of entrepreneur-targeted books, partly for my own interests, and partly to find titles that could be useful or … Read more

Tuesday Tip

Even better — remember those charities and community organizations I encouraged you to get involved with last Tuesday? Well, when you make a donation, buy an ad in their booster program. One year, the best money I spent was in the local high school football program. You do NOT have to spend like “the big dogs” … Read more

High-Performing Marketing Techniques

Multilevel Marketing is a career that requires you to constantly learn and (more importantly) implement the best techniques. There are a wide variety of techniques for all of the various skills that a successful multilevel marketer possesses – prospecting for customers, prospecting for team members, presenting your product, presenting your opportunity, closing sales, and team-building. Of course, there … Read more

Listen to Your People. Just… LISTEN.

Look, I know that listening to your customer is just, well, obvious. Right? Some food for thought: When a customer or client calls to tell you about a problem she’s running into with your service or product, PLEASE DON’T SAY THIS: “We are not currently encountering any problems like that today.” Because, um, YES, YOU … Read more

The Top 10 Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

photo credit: citirecruitment via photopin cc In order to become a successful entrepreneur, it’s necessary to know what makes a person successful. What are their habits? What qualities do they possess? Exactly what is it about them that enables them to build and maintain a successful business? In my quest to answer this question, and … Read more

Innovation and Marketing – How are YOU Going to Stand Out?

When it comes to network marketing, one thing that not everyone understands is that people are not really buying your products and services… they are buying YOU! It’s so vital that what are you doing helps you to stand out from the rest. The truth is, if you aren’t doing something to stand out from … Read more