Changes on the horizon.


Hm. I don’t think they’re that far (as far as the horizon) away. Speaking of away, I’ve been away. Not physically, but away from here. We had a lot of drama (health issues, work issues – my husband and I have christened 2017 The Year of Many Things, and are quite gleefully aware that we are more than halfway … Read more

StyleWe – Great Looks, Fantastic Prices!


Well. Here we are again, in the holiday season. This can be such a sketchy time of year for me when it comes to clothing. In my 20’s and early 30’s, I loved to wear all sorts of super-fancy holiday attire. Not just formal wear, but I had sequined blouses and highly detailed sweaters specifically for Christmas and … Read more

Habit Changers


Habit Changers: 81 Game-Changing Mantras to Mindfully Realize Your Goals isn’t quite what I expected. Probably (maybe unfairly) when I read mantras, I expected something very overtly Eastern in approach, maybe even with some meditation… I thought it would be good for serious self-reflection (did you hear my voice tone change, there). This would not be … Read more

Pamper Your Skin While You Sleep with Valentia Night Revive Retinol Serum


Valentia makes wonderful, luscious products for taking care of your skin. I’ve share before about their light and fluffy clay mask and their pure glow moisturizer, which has become one of my favorites. Lately, I’ve been using their Night Revive Retinol Serum. It’s a wonderful way to provide moisture and nutrients to your skin after a long day, when … Read more