ShoeString Seeker

Shoestring Seeker is a very cool new social media channel. I know, I know… you’re thinking… Do we really need another social media channel? Aren’t we plugged in enough all ready? Well, I would say, yes, we are plugged in enough all ready, likely too much so. Which is why, just maybe we do need a channel … Read more

The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance

Fair warning: I could write a book – a veritable book – about this topic. But I’m going to endeavor to limit myself to what I think are my big takeaways as a mom. Takeaways about what, you ask? About The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance. The Aetherlight: Chronicles of the Resistance is an online … Read more

Foreign Language Learning Tool Video Overview

foreign language

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Mondly – a foreign language learning app our family is going to be using to study Spanish over the upcoming year. Here’s a video I made with some shots to give you an idea of what the app has to offer. Keep in mind – there’s a free … Read more


 So does this post look a little different than most of my posts? It should! It’s time to talk about….  Zedity! _ Zedity is an editing plugin for WordPress, that turns your WordPress platform into an old-school, super-creative desk top publishing platform. No more just text, links, and pictures.  Want to turn your text on … Read more

Homeschool Spelling

homeschool spelling

Not everyone studies spelling as a separate subject. As a rule, I prefer integrated studies, and I like them to come up in a natural way. We haven’t had a lot of success with me “staging” scenarios where the kids study a topic and then we write about it, study vocabulary from it, learn math skills … Read more – Excellent Homeschool Music Resource

homeschool music

This is a sponsored post. I have a strong background in music (six years of college plus over nearly twenty years of teaching one-on-one and classes). Ironically, because of this, I sort of fell out of touch with some of the trends in music and notation with technology. When I was out in the music teaching world, … Read more

Audiobooks in Homeschooling, and My Sanity

Need a teacher’s helper? How about just to find more time in your day? Audiobooks in homeschooling (and more) can do those things for you. The entertainment factor of audiobooks isn’t like anything else — I first discovered audiobooks on a drive up (or was it down?) the eastern seaboard. All I remember is that it was very dark, … Read more