The Slope of Kongwa Hill

This is a sponsored post. The Slope of Kongwa Hill, featured as the Book of the Day on March 28, 2017, is the debut novel of Anthony Edwards. In the opening of the book, we meet Edwards, as he narrates his story. Edwards’ parents live and work in Africa, and from a young age, it … Read more

The 11.05 Murders

This is a sponsored post. The 11.05 Murders, book 2 in the Inspector Sheehan series, is an engrossing mystery novel by Brian O’Hare. This title was the Book of the Day on February 22. The story centers around Sergeant Denise Stewart. Stewart has recently uncovered significant police corruption at her previous post and been transferred to serve in … Read more

Same Kind of Different as Me For Kids

Same Kind of Different as Me for Kids was written by the same authors who wrote the original best seller, Same Kind of Different as Me. Denver grew up a child of poor sharecroppers. One day, he decided to see the world, and jumped on a train. When the train stopped, he was in Fort Worth. … Read more


This post contains affiliate links. I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug is a wonderful, warm, cozy, fuzzy-wuzzy fun book for little kids and the adults who love them. It’s full of wonderful illustrations of a young child spending time with his mother with the furry family members… and with more than a few … Read more

Love’s Complete: A Russian Adoption Journey

Love’s Complete: A Russian Adoption Journey is the story of a family formed when the parents adopted their daughter from Russia. It’s a visually and emotionally beautiful book. The story is told about the future parents, sad because they feel their lives are incomplete without a child. When they learn of children in Russia awaiting … Read more

The Compulsive Move

This is a sponsored post. The Compulsive Move is a short story written by Phillip Cornell. While this is marketed as a book (an eBook), I believe it is more appropriately considered a short story, as it is fifty-nine standard pages long and is easily read in a sitting of just over an hour. The … Read more

Gamers and Gods Trilogy

This is a sponsored post. Gamers and Gods is a Kindle format “boxed set” trilogy by author Matthew Kennedy. The overarching story is a massive and complex tale involving computer science, physics, metaphysics, and philosophy. No worries about it getting boring or tedious though, because it’s all woven up in a rather amazing way with good … Read more

The Remnants

This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links. The Remnants is an engrossing historical novel written by W.P. Osborn. Inspired by the author’s grandparents, The Remnants tells the story of Danny and Rose, two young people decidedly not a part of the privileged class in Edwardian England. Rose is “in service;” that is, she is … Read more

The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories

Reading aloud – particularly before bedtime – is a treasured family practice in our home. I’ve written about this before – my husband began reading to our youngest as soon as he could hear (while still in the womb!). While we miss an evening here or there, overall, it’s a practice we’ve continued to this … Read more