STEM Concepts for Girls – Nancy Drew, Code and Clues

STEM concepts for girls

This is a sponsored post. I don’t know a girl who grew up on the U.S. who doesn’t know who Nancy Drew is. Girl detective, Nancy and her pals, Bess and George, filled many an afternoon for me. As a child, I had at least two dozen Nancy Drew titles on my shelf at home, … Read more

Help with Fractions

This post definitely does not fall under my category of “sneaky math,” because there’s nothing sneaky about this book. However, I think it’s a very, very useful book if you are looking for some help with fractions and percents. Fractions and Percentages: For Primary School Students In general, I find this book very satisfactory in … Read more

Battlefield Earth

Epic. That’s a word that gets thrown around a lot – it’s become a part of modern slang, kinda like awesome when I was a teen (whoops, dated myself there). Yes, we all still say awesome, but it no longer means inspiring awe. It just means something is cool. The equivalent of the 1950’s “Neat-o.” Epic in … Read more

Balance Beans Sneaky Fun Math!

I have to say – I am yet again impressed with ThinkFun. They’re a company that produces these super fun games and puzzles, but they’re all designed to make you think. For about a year now, I’ve been periodically receiving sample to review from them – including Circuit Maze (solitaire puzzle great for STEM), Escape the Room (one of my … Read more