Living History

A side note, before I get into the content: Sorry I’ve been so absent. We had a rough beginning part of the year – our youngest was in the hospital three times between January and the beginning of April. We’re all fine now, but mercy, just when you think you catch your breath… Then we … Read more

Career Studies: Joining the Workforce

This post contains affiliate links.   Careers: Joining the Workforce is a preset unit activity that comes in two formats: Notebooking Project and Project (Lapbook) Pack. We recently did both as part of career studies, and overall, I think it was a great experience. The activities are designed for students in middle and high school … Read more

Ian, CEO, North Pole

Ian, CEO, North Pole, by Eric Dana Hansen is a thoroughly charming and surprisingly educational read. I snapped up the opportunity to read this book, expecting a seasonal-feel good, something that I hoped I could recommend to parents as a good, holiday themed family-reading or independent-reading title, or maybe even something to encourage reluctant readers … Read more

Social Studies Fun with this World Map for Kids

This world map is bright, colorful, and easy to read. The electronic component has features where the kids can learn about countries, their: Capitals Flags Languages Population Landmarks and Fun Trivia With just the push of a button, kids have access to all these facts, plus there’s a quiz feature. I’ll be honest. This is … Read more

If you were me and Lived in… #Elizabethan England

I am a big fan of Carole P. Roman and her “If You were Me and Lived In…” series. I love how Mrs. Roman takes facts about a specific era in history and spins the threads of information into an engaging tale. Rather than a fictional story, she provides us with first person narratives, related … Read more

If you were me and Lived in… The #MiddleAges

I’m happy to have another wonderful book from Carol Roman’s series, If You Were Me and Lived In… The Middle Ages. Like her other books, Mrs. Roman has done a masterful job of both describing the era in great detail while holding our rapt attention (adults and children alike). I adore how her books really … Read more

Don’t Speak

Don’t Speak, a Jade Harrington Novel, is quite the clever suspense tale. Set in the United States during an election season, focusing on the presidential race between a conservative party candidate who is a man and a progressive party candidate who is a woman (hmmm….), the author uses this as a surprisingly entertaining backdrop for a … Read more

FanTABulous Geography Learning Resource Bundle

geography learning resource

This post contains affiliate links. I so excited to share this opportunity with you This is one of the most comprehensive, yet most flexible geography learning resource bundles I have ever come across. I’m really stunned by the amount of work that Sandra at Little Learning Lovies put into it. It’s absolutely huge. The bundle contains twelve … Read more

If You Were Me and Lived in Ancient Greece

When I was in elementary school, although Greek myths were an extensive part of the reading curriculum, I remember nothing about the discussion of day to day life at the time. I have found this addition to Carol Roman’s If You Were Me and Lived in… series to be an interesting and intriguing exploration for children into … Read more