Phonics Museum


Phonics Museum is a fun, engaging app designed to introduce children to beginning reading skills while having fun. We don’t currently have a child this age, so I created a child, Rose, to “play” the game. Parents can add multiple children, so each child’s progress is tracked separately. The avatar choice selection is odd – … Read more

Three Little Monsters in Gruesome Gets A Toothache by Jessica Snape


If you have young children, you might enjoy this title by Jessica Snape, Three Little Monsters in Gruesome Gets A Toothache. It’s available on Amazon, and eligible for Kindle Unlimited. You can read my full review at    Gruesome has a toothache. We all know from experience how miserable that can be, but Gruesome is in … Read more

My Playful Kitchen


My Playful Kitchen is a lovely book in several ways. It’s a great resource for selecting recipes to prepare with your children. Ally Nathaniel did a great job of coming up with recipes where you and your child are working side by side. It’s not you making the recipe and your child just helping. You help each other. You are partners in … Read more

If you were me and lived in … Colonial America


Carole Roman’s If You Were Me and Lived In… Colonial America is charming and intriguing — the perfect combination to immerse your young ones (and maybe yourself) in some food for thought about how lives differed between then and now. Mrs. Roman keeps the main part of her story focused from the perspective of a child … Read more

Rock ‘N Learn Let’s Learn to Read for Beginning Readers – and GIVEAWAY!

beginning readers

As a parent contemplating – and then committing to – homeschooling my own children, one particular issue was staring me in the face. Reading. Here’s the thing: although I’d been in education for well over a decade, and although I had worked with students who were pre-readers, emergent readers, fluent readers… I’d never taught anyone to … Read more