Chatbot: A Foreign Language Robotic Practice Partner.

We’ve been using Mondly Languages for a few months now, and it’s really a fun journey, watching the boys learn and which things stick in their minds. Recently, I realized they were getting a little stuck, thinking they could (or perhaps, ought) to repeat exact phrases. I decided to take a little time and brainstorm things they could say, … Read more

Taking Stock of Summer, Learning Spanish – How’d We Do?

This is a sponsored post. We officially started back to school last week. Aside: it was kinda rocky – for mom. I had promised myself that, this year, I was going to be so on it that when we went out of town, there would be no toting school books. It would be just us, Kindles, … Read more

Foreign Language Learning Tool Video Overview

foreign language

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Mondly – a foreign language learning app our family is going to be using to study Spanish over the upcoming year. Here’s a video I made with some shots to give you an idea of what the app has to offer. Keep in mind – there’s a free … Read more