Flashcards for teaching on – and off – line

If you’ve been a reader on here any length of time, you know that we’re a work-at-home, homeschooling family. Last autumn, I started something I never thought I’d do – teaching children online. Now, I started working as a school teacher almost 30 years ago (crazy!) and this is our eleventh year as homeschoolers. And … Read more

Phonics Museum

Phonics Museum is a fun, engaging app designed to introduce children to beginning reading skills while having fun. We don’t currently have a child this age, so I created a child, Rose, to “play” the game. Parents can add multiple children, so each child’s progress is tracked separately. The avatar choice selection is odd – … Read more

Same Kind of Different as Me For Kids

Same Kind of Different as Me for Kids was written by the same authors who wrote the original best seller, Same Kind of Different as Me. Denver grew up a child of poor sharecroppers. One day, he decided to see the world, and jumped on a train. When the train stopped, he was in Fort Worth. … Read more


This post contains affiliate links. I’m Going to Give You a Bear Hug is a wonderful, warm, cozy, fuzzy-wuzzy fun book for little kids and the adults who love them. It’s full of wonderful illustrations of a young child spending time with his mother with the furry family members… and with more than a few … Read more

The Beginner’s Bible: Timeless Children’s Stories

Reading aloud – particularly before bedtime – is a treasured family practice in our home. I’ve written about this before – my husband began reading to our youngest as soon as he could hear (while still in the womb!). While we miss an evening here or there, overall, it’s a practice we’ve continued to this … Read more

Learning to Read

beginning readers

Boy, did I stumble through this with our oldest. It’s hard. I believe in waiting until a child is “ready.” Unfortunately, “ready” isn’t so easily defined. There’s developmental readiness. And then, there’s the kid who wants to get started. Just before he turned three, we moved into a tenth floor apartment that overlooked a downtown, city-center … Read more

My Playful Kitchen

My Playful Kitchen is a lovely book in several ways. It’s a great resource for selecting recipes to prepare with your children. Ally Nathaniel did a great job of coming up with recipes where you and your child are working side by side. It’s not you making the recipe and your child just helping. You help each other. You are partners in … Read more

All Things Bright and Beautiful 

All Things Bright and Beautiful is a thoroughly delightful book. Katy Hudson, watercolor artist, illustrates the beloved children’s hymn with images from nature. Her paintings are both charming and heart-warming, and sure to enchant readers young and old alike. As a child, I adored the famous book series by veterinarian James Herriot. The first book, All Creatures Great … Read more

Rock ‘N Learn Let’s Learn to Read for Beginning Readers – and GIVEAWAY!

beginning readers

As a parent contemplating – and then committing to – homeschooling my own children, one particular issue was staring me in the face. Reading. Here’s the thing: although I’d been in education for well over a decade, and although I had worked with students who were pre-readers, emergent readers, fluent readers… I’d never taught anyone to … Read more