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The Role of the Garden

I know there are a lot of crunchy homeschooling families out there. We were once, and probably still would be, …

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End of Season in the Patio Garden

It’s the end of season – more the turn of the season here in the south for the patio garden. …

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Patio Garden Update

We’ve been in our new apartment for an official seven weeks now – woo-hoo! One thing we’ve discovered is that …

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Copper Rain Chain and Water Flow Inspiration

I first saw a rain chain – in person – a couple months ago. We were visiting a new-to-our family …

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Fresh, fast, gourmet salad – microgreens!

Salad lover here. For years, I’ve been growing as much of our salad as I could. I started growing sprouts …

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Lifewell Garden Hand Trowel

I like to spend time with my hands in the dirt. I had gardens in both our homes in Texas, and we …

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Diatomaceous Earth from Abundant Living

I’ve been using diatomaceous earth for about eight years now. As an insecticide, there’s nothing else quite like it. It creates a …

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Elacra Spiralizer

I’ve written previously about how much I love my table top spiral cutter. I’ve had the opportunity to try some …

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GrowVeg Garden Planner

The GrowVeg Garden Planner is a fantastic resource for all gardening situations. I’ll admit. When I first came upon this …

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Spring Garden Planting Bonus

It’s that time of year again, when my mind and heart turn to vegetable gardening! Granted, I like to garden year round …

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