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Open Hearts and Minds with Bible Journaling

As a child, I was one of those who had written in so many places in my Bible – taking notes, underlining …

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Morph Pen for Filament Based 3D Printing

I’ve talked before about 3D printing, mostly about STEM education applications, and the projects that our boys have worked on at home …

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3D Printing Part 2 with the #IDO3D Vertical FIVE Pen Set

This post is a continuation of the previous post, which can be read by clicking here. Let’s get down to …

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3D Printing Part 1 with the #IDO3D Vertical Four Pen Set

3D printing is all the rage. Our boys have been into it, at one level or another, for a couple …

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Gel Pens — With Refills!

Gel pens. We got started with them last year. My kids only recently – as in, within  the last year …

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I LOVE my laminator

Like countless others who work with children, I love preserving my really useful decorations and my custom (by me!) made …

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Taking a Break with Fuse Bead Crafts

Sometimes, you just need to take a break. The boys and I did this week, and did some fuse bead crafts. …

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Origami for Young and Not-so-Young

I am very much enjoying this origami paper. The papers are all cut uniformly, with the solid color on one …

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