Christmas Love Letters from God

Author Glenys Nellist’s series of Love Letters from God books is much loved, and for good reason. Ms. Nellist has a remarkable way of taking scripture and turning it around to show the meaning, providence, and love that God has for each and every one of us. And she does so in a way that … Read more

Love. Just Because.


I Love You Just Because is an adorable, sweet lovely book with a wonderful message for young children. But it’s also important. Important. The book tells the story of a family of bears. They are a family… But their fur is not all the same color. What? Well, mama and papa bear are brown. One … Read more

My Playful Kitchen

My Playful Kitchen is a lovely book in several ways. It’s a great resource for selecting recipes to prepare with your children. Ally Nathaniel did a great job of coming up with recipes where you and your child are working side by side. It’s not you making the recipe and your child just helping. You help each other. You are partners in … Read more

All Things Bright and Beautiful 

All Things Bright and Beautiful is a thoroughly delightful book. Katy Hudson, watercolor artist, illustrates the beloved children’s hymn with images from nature. Her paintings are both charming and heart-warming, and sure to enchant readers young and old alike. As a child, I adored the famous book series by veterinarian James Herriot. The first book, All Creatures Great … Read more