The Diary Of An Immortal (1945-1959)

This is a sponsored post. The Diary Of An Immortal (1945-1959), written by David Castello, is scheduled to be Book of the Month for February at   This novel is billed as a piece of historical fiction. In the first few chapters, I found it to be delightfully so. For about the next third of … Read more

Rethink Happy

Rethink Happy: An Entrepreneur’s Journey Toward Finding Authentic Joy by Doug Kisgen is a self-help book of sorts, written in an easy to digest format of a simple fiction story. I used to pick up a lot of entrepreneur-targeted books, partly for my own interests, and partly to find titles that could be useful or … Read more

When Jesus Was a Green-eyed Brunette

I confess. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw the title, When Jesus Was a Green-Eyed Brunette. But, I can say, whatever I expected, it wasn’t this. I suppose, in the back of my mind, I expected a book about looking to serve Christ through serving others, no matter what they might look like. … Read more

Time Traveler

I was really excited when I read about Time Traveler (published by Righter Books) and sent a request to author E. B. Alston to review it. I mean – it sounded like the perfect combination of science fiction (with the time travel) and history. In fact, I thought it was going to be a meld of scifi … Read more


Rise, Book 1 in the Trifecta series, by Luis Almonte is yet another book about witches. Teenage witches. Led/supervised by all-knowing, but not knowledge-sharing adult witches. <sigh> I apologize for sounded, well, jaded. But after so often having teen-coming-of-age-witchcraft-novels come across my desk (or screen, or Kindle), sometimes I worry over the lack of imagination. Or, perhaps, I … Read more

10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book

10 Step Plan to Promote Your Book – Online Marketing for Any Budget by Scott Hughes is a hidden gem in both self-publishing and self-marketing. Hughes has written a short but dense volume of information that clearly outlines the steps an author needs to follow in order to successfully – and profitably – market a … Read more

Ripley’s #UnlockTheWeird

Last year, I got my kids a copy of Ripley’s Eye Popping Oddities. I am always amazed at how utterly fascinated they (still) are with that book. They can sit for hours, paging through, reading, and contemplating the range of unexpected and bizarre things in the world. When we went to Manhattan last February, and … Read more

Aquarius Rising Book 2: Blood Tide

Blood Tide is the second book in the Aquarius Rising series by Brian Burt When it comes to post-apocalyptic novels and dystopian fiction, I am often up to give anything a try. I have become more critical though, as the genre has become more popular. It’s like anything; the more people who are doing something, the … Read more

The Flip

I started reading The Flip the week before Halloween, and was a little chagrined with myself. I didn’t realize this was a ghost story! I should have started this earlier in the month! I kept reading… and I realized… Wait a minute… this isn’t a ghost story… this is historical fiction. Cool! But as the … Read more


Mary Casanova’s novel, Ice Out, is an excellent coming of age story of a young man in turbulent times who is finding his way through meeting his responsibilities *and* pursuing his dreams. Owen Jensen is young, strong, and burdened. Bright and ambitious, when others have gone off to college, he has stayed behind. Owen’s family couldn’t … Read more