Learning to Read

beginning readers

Boy, did I stumble through this with our oldest. It’s hard. I believe in waiting until a child is “ready.” Unfortunately, “ready” isn’t so easily defined. There’s developmental readiness. And then, there’s the kid who wants to get started. Just before he turned three, we moved into a tenth floor apartment that overlooked a downtown, city-center … Read more

Keeping things organized

Well. I remember in my third or fourth year of working, in my second job out of college, someone commented on how organized I was. At that moment, I was. But, I explained that I wasn’t actually an (naturally) organized person, and I really need to impose organization on myself, using all the tools and mechanisms they were seeing that prompted … Read more


…and homeschooling. First, I know people who work outside the home and homeschool, and things are working for them. Because of this, I know it can be done. But I don’t know how – I don’t do it myself, and this is my story, so I’m not going to address working outside the home.          … Read more

Adapting versus Committing

One of the truly great benefits of homeschooling is how you can adapt to your needs. The homeschool parent only needs to address as many learning styles, interests, and activities of the number of children s/he is guiding through learning. This is just such an advantage over the traditional classroom, where one teacher is tasked with guiding a group … Read more