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Don’t Let (Home)School be in the Way of Learning.

This is one of the most challenging concepts for me. Really. You might not think so. With me planning field …

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This is such a sticky topic. Let me start here. I went to college. I did pretty well – much …

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Adulthood, or, You Need a Plan the Day You Turn 17, Young Man.

I have always been a planner. Well, by always, I mean as long as I had a notion about planning …

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The history around you.

Studying history has always been an easy sell in our house. I put this down to a few factors. I think …

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Lunch, or, Mom needs a break.

Overall, we’ve been very fortunate in our family. We’ve been able to do what it takes in order to pursue …

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 In my brainstorming, this post was originally titled: holidays/birthdays/moving/family visits/other interruptions. Interruptions are actually why we started homeschooling in the first …

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Algebra is Pandemic

The title for this post is related to my previous post about how science is everywhere… because, if science is everywhere, …

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Science is Everywhere

Science is a subject I feel a lot of ambivalence towards. It’s not that I’m uncomfortable with science, I’m just not …

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Technology is just a tool.

People can get polarized over things that – well – don’t matter. Some parents allow their children unfettered access to electronic devices. …

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Unschooler at Heart

When we made the firm decision to homeschool, when it wasn’t just an option to explore any more, I started my …

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