And away we go…

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This. This is why we started homeschooling.

navigation-1048294_1920I’ve shared before – our family did not begin homeschooling for the same reasons many other families do (although we enjoy those benefits). When we made the decision to homeschool (which isn’t the same as making the decision to continue homeschooling  😀 ), my husband had an erratic and unpredictable work travel schedule. (There was no schedule, who am I kidding.) Staying together as a family meant letting go of some traditional, social-normative structures (like a traditional school experience).

Over the years, we go through “dry spells” with less travel. We haven’t been out of town, for work, for <gasp> about ten months. In the spells, I start to get complacent, and then….

Here we go again. 🙂

Here’s the breakdown on our week:

  • Monday: We’ll all (mostly) stick with our normal schedule (working online for me, schoolwork for the kids, Tae Kwon Do. for all of us), with a little extra emphasis from me on getting laundry done. In entirety. Please. 
  • Tuesday. Is kids’ the laundry done? Excellent. I’ll do the laundry for adults… while supervising the kids who will be packing two small bags each (One for each trip this week). Oh, this will be done around schoolwork and my work and Tae Kwon Do.
  • electric cooler.
    We’ve had one of these for years. It’s paid for itself over and over. In fact, I dropped our first one (I actually cried). We replaced it first chance. There’s nothing quite like your own “fridge” in the car… that you can carry RIGHT into the hotel and plug it in there, too. (affiliate link)


    • Dagnabit, why didn’t I get the cooler on Tuesday?
    • Get the cooler. Plug in the cooler (affiliate link).
    • Check my Trello lists for the food to pack (we’re staying in a place with a kitchen, so the groceries come along for the trip)
    • Pack the cooler.
    • Pack my clothes
    • Pack my work gear (I’ve planned a lighter schedule, but still, there is work to be done).
    • Remember to drop the dogs at the vet, where they will get all their updates while being boarded.
  • Thursday: Up bright and early (well, dark and early) and head to the Home Business Conference. I’m looking forward to this conference for two reasons:
    • It’s always good to refresh, and to connect with others.
    • This particular conference welcomes young people, and there will be a large contingency of homeschoolers (parents and kids). 
  • Friday: Conference continues
  • Saturday:
    • Conference ends.
    • Drive home
    • Swap out trip bags for next trip
    • Empty/refill cooler
    • Sleep in our own beds!
  • Sunday: Get up and head out for trip #2.
    • Destination: Columbus! The boys and I have never been there
    • Note: Stop at a grocery store before we get to the hotel to resupply and pick up dinner from the deli. I’m not cooking (even microwaving) after 9 hours of driving.
  • Monday: The boys and I are going to explore the German Village. I’m excited about lunch at the Hoffbrauhaus and visiting The Book Loft.
  • Tuesday: Columbus Museum of Art
  • Wednesday: Looonggg drive home. The plan is to arrive in time to get to Tae Kwon Do classes that night.
  • Thursday: Laundry. A lot.

qIt’s a lot… but it will be great. We need a break (at least, my husband and I do). It’s not a good time for a vacation, but I do believe that a change is as good as a rest, and that’s what we’ll get here. I’ve suspended some of our core subjects in favor of the on-site learning we’ll be doing. However, this week is going to involve approximately twenty-three (that’s 23!) hours of car travel. A little bookwork just might be the antidote to boredom. We’ll also be listening to Hank the Cowdog (affiliate link) adventures. I signed a couple audiobooks out of the library. This is particularly cool because JOhn Erickson, the author and voice reading the audiobooks, is also the keynote speaker at the Home Business Conference.

I’m sure I’ll be taking plenty of pictures that I’ll share here in the future. If you’d like to follow along, check out my Instagram and Twitter feeds. I’ll also be sharing (of course) on Facebook.

This post contains affiliate links. Please read my full disclosure here.