Acids and Bases – oh my!

Like many homeschooling parents, I’ve discovered that, often, finding something that my boys are interested in isn’t the challenge – it’s keeping with with everythign they are interested in.

I’ve mentioned previously abotu the time my boys got curious about why I fussed so about the electric bill, and we ended up with a project where the electricity usage of individual appliances got measured.

I’ve noticed, lately, my boys getting really curious about acids and bases. I haven’t yet discerned the cause of this interest, but the questions keep coming up. I answer them as we go along, making conversation, but then I realize that this prompts questions in my own mind – (to my kids) Did you know that vinegar is acid? Not pure acid, but still. Lemon juice, too.

And then we talk about baking soda, and how chemical leavenings work, compared to yeast leavening (food is always a guarantee for keeping their attention…).

Here’s a round up of some learning activities and resources that kids (mine and yours) can use to exlore pH (acids and bases) in the world around them

I hope this gives you some great ideas for some fun and interesting learning in your home.

The Rozway Digital pH Meter comes with everything you need to get started – whether you’re testing nutrient fluid for #hydroponics or just running some #homeschool #science experiments. With it’s easy to read display and simple structure, your students will be up and using in no time flat.

I received this pH meter at no cost for review purposes. Any opinion expressed here is mine alone.