Achieve Your Dreams: Why You Don’t and How You Can

I’m an avid reader of self-help books. It’s less that I’m concerned about improving myself than that I’m always so interested in how others approach becoming closer to what they want to be. I invite you to check out my OnlineBookClub review of Achieve Your Dreams: Why You Don’t and How You Can by Scott Hughes.  The book is available on Amazon, and eligible for Kindle Unlimited.

onlinebookclub.orgA current search of Amazon Kindle offerings will produce a plethora of books designed to explain how to achieve goals large and small, with specialized focus for everyone from stay at home moms to corporate CEOs, from the solopreneur to the white-collar Wall Street scion. While it can be comforting to select a title that seems to appeal directly to someone the reader may identify with, the most important factor with such self-help titles is how effective the content will actually be in assisting you in making the changes you want. Scott Hughes’ Achieve Your Dreams: Why You Don’t and How You Can is one of the most straightforward, baldly honest, and succinctly stated books in this genre. Read more at

Written by Sandra Girouard

Sandra Girouard

Sandra is a wife, mother, business owner, and community volunteer. She works from home, which really means sometimes from home, sometimes from the car, the library, the airport, or wherever she needs to be at the time. She likes to read, garden, and watch Science Fiction of one sort or another while knitting or crocheting.

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