8 Reasons NOT to Visit a Federal Reserve Bank Museum

In July, we visited the Museum at the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta.

It was an outstanding experience.

federal reserve bank museum


But, it’s probably not for everyone.

Here are some reasons you just might not want to visit a Federal Reserve Bank Museum:

1. You and your kids have NO INTEREST in robots, including the AGVs (automated guided vehicles) that transport all cash. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Automated_guided_vehicle)
STEM much?

federal reserve bank museum

2. You (or your kids) never want to buy a car or house so you (and your kids) don’t need to understand interest rates.
Or, you know, understand how interest rates effect the economy for you,
even if you always pay in full.

Car house Collage

3. You are bored out of your mind by interactive games.
The Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta features a large scale, kiosk based game for three players called “Go With the Flow,” in which players take on economic roles, make decisions, and get to watch the impact of their choices in a seeming-real-time CNN-style televised news update.  Every player’s decision has results on every other player, so every game is different. (The San francisco branch offers this Chair the Fed game online. Not the same, but… GAME!)


4. You never wonder how counterfeiters get caught.


5. Your kids never want to trade for stuff, and you have no interest in showing them the progression from barter to cash… to electronic transfers.

6. You don’t want free money. (Yes, that’s real money. It’s been shredded.)

federal reserve bank museum

7. You never want TONS of free learning materials.

8. You’re NOT a homeschooling mom who’s looking for a thrifty, really fun field trip. (yes, it’s completely free)

Can’t get to Atlanta? No worries – the Federal Reserve Bank museums (in Atlanta and across the country) have online offerings, too.

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    • Thanks, Mother of 3 (hey! I’m a mother of 3, too 😀 ) – It was! Really, I just planned it because we had a couple hours to fill before checking into the hotel, and it seemed like it might be mildly interesting while assuaging my homeschooling-mama’s conscience about doing something “educational.” It turned out to be a blast – I highly recommend it to other homeschooling families!

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