6 Simple Steps: Turn Your Spare Room Into A Home Office

Have you been browsing my articles about working from home and starting to feel a little jealous? You could do it too! Before you get started, however, you’ll need a dedicated office space. This is where your spare room might just come in handy. We can help you to transform that room in just six simple steps. You might be working out of it by tomorrow!

Photo source: Pixabay
Photo source: Pixabay

  1. Clean Out The Rubbish

    You probably don’t use this room all that often. After all, that’s why it’s called a ‘spare room.’ So, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve got a bunch of rubbish in there that you can’t find another place for. Old bits of equipment and furniture are just sitting in there, taking up space. It’s time to get rid. You might find a rubbish collection service useful for this task. Do any of your friends or relatives want this stuff? You better inform them quickly before you ditch it.

  2. It’s Time For A Redesign I’ve seen plenty of spare rooms in my time, and not many of them looked up to standard. A disused room eventually suffers from cracked paintwork and flaky wallpaper. This is your chance to redesign the room to your specifications. I’d suggest you go with a basic, bright color scheme that encourages productivity.

  3. Do-It-Yourself ShelvingWe don’t want to break the bank here, so why not put your DIY skills to the test? With a bit of creativity, you can create some makeshift shelving for the time being. This will help you to create some important storage space. There are loads of tips on how to do this effectively online if you’re struggling.

  4. Invest In A Good Desk Now, you might want to spend some money. Firstly, take measurements of the room itself. What type of desk
    Photo credit: Pixabay
    Photo credit: Pixabay

    can you fit in there, and how practical will it be? Think about all of these things before you make a big decision. After the purchase, bring in your extra equipment and start setting up the room how you’d like it.

  5. Open Up The Light If you’ve been blocking out the light with harsh curtains all this time, you need to ditch them. An abundance of natural light sources encourages productivity. The more you can get in the room, the better. This might even require thinking about adding additional windows in time.

  6. Personalize! You’re almost there! The only thing your room is missing is a sense of personality. It’s all the little touches that really transform it from a generic space into a working office. Litter the room with gadgets and bits of tech. Bring in your personalized coasters and mugs that you’ve had lying around the office. You might even want to spruce it up with a bunch of flowers in the window or pictures on the walls.


And that’s it! It’s really, really easy, isn’t it?! It doesn’t take a lot to transform a spare room into an effective office environment. Now, you can live out your dream of working from home!