4 Ways to Staycation this Summer

The staycation is a great way to vacation this summer without breaking the bank. You can stay home and still plan fun and affordable activities for your family. You could enjoy a movie or a concert, a themed “vacation” right in your own home, or a day trip someplace nearby. There are so many great ideas, you can see why more people are turning to staycation plans instead of traveling for the summer.

A summer vacation could cost as much as $1,000 or more per person. Whether you are saving for something big, just on a tight budget, or just don’t feel like traveling far away or fighting crowds this summer season, a staycation can be the answer you’re looking for.

Here are four ways to staycation this summer:

One of our favorites when we lived in Florida!

  1. Take a day trip – You don’t have to go far to get away for a while. You could take a day trip someplace nearby and explore something new. Drive into a neighboring town or to a museum or park you’ve never been to before. Depending on where you live, there are likely a large number of attractions, parks, and even free things to do within driving distance of you.
  2. Create the perfect getaway at home – Want to go to Hawaii? Italy? Las Vegas? Instead of traveling this year, consider creating your own themed getaway at home. Gather supplies and build your dream vacation right in your own home or backyard. This can also be a lot of fun if you get the whole family involved in the planning process.
  3. The popcorn is cheaper (and tastes better) at home!
    The popcorn is cheaper (and tastes better) at home!

    Make it dinner and a movie night – You can go out in town or you can do it right in your own living room, but the classic dinner and movie night can also be a great way to enjoy your summer break. You could even do themed movie nights. Get creative with it and have fun.

  4. Mix up your routine – A great summer staycation involves doing something you wouldn’t ordinarily do. Anything that mixes up your routine could be a good staycation idea. Trying new things on your time off is a great way to enjoy a summer break. You can look around for activities in your area that you have never tried before. Maybe sign up for a class or even a book club!

water-fight-442257_1920These ideas are really just scratching the surface of all the wonderful things there are to see and do with a summer staycation so don’t stop here. I hope these ideas inspire you to create even more ideas of your own!

Happy summer!

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